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“The course is intensive and I am learning a lot. I really like my teachers”.

Max Hu

“The best three summers I ever had were at Warnborough College”.

David Mellan

“My Business English course enabled me to expand my family business”.

Kerem Ustunkaya

“Great experience, beautiful city and I really like the teachers and the staff. Thank you all”.

Laetitia Edombo

“I have sweet memories of my time at Warnborough and I made such wonderful friends”.

Celeste Medina

“I enjoyed my English lessons and I learnt a lot this summer. Hopefully I will return for more classes soon”.

Domenico Tovazzi

“I am more confident in my English now. Thank you”.

Spas Anastasov

“Thank you all. I like Canterbury and I love Warnborough”.

Lauranne Volbrecht