Home stay Accommodation

Homestay is the best way to improve your English, meet local people, learn about British culture and practice your English outside the classroom. Our hosts are caring and welcoming – and you can normally share in the household activities.

You will normally have your own single room. The hosts will provide you with breakfast and dinner (half-board). Some rooms may have an attached bathroom, although most homestays will require you to use a separate or shared bathroom. Prices vary from £150 to £230 a week.

See photos of an example Homestay here.

If  homestay accommodation is not your first ‘long-term’ choice, we recommend that you stay in homestay accommodation for the first two (2) weeks. This will give you time to adjust to life in Canterbury while looking for alternative accommodation.

Student Accommodation

This is usually available during the summer and non-term times. Usually, you will get your own room with your own bathroom in an apartment. There will be other rooms like yours, and you will have to share the living room and the kitchen with the other students. Prices range from £150 to £320 per week. WISE English requires an additional deposit of £300 at registration to confirm your student accommodation. You will be refunded this deposit minus a £95 administration charge at the end of your stay.

Our accommodation policies

  1. Tell us in the application form if you want us to arrange accommodation for you.
  2. Feedback Form – you must complete a feedback form at the end of your first week to let us know if you are satisfied with your accommodation.
  3. Changes in Circumstances  –  Should your situation change BEFORE you come, please let us know immediately.
  4. Room Allocation – All rooms are single rooms. In sharing situations, no more than two students should be accommodated in the same bedroom unless specifically requested in writing by the student(s), their agents, parents or legal guardians.
  5. Same First Language  – student with the same first language will not be lodged in the same home, at the same time (unless with written consent of the student, their agents, parents or legal guardians).
  6. Other Students – No more than four students will be accommodated in the same homestay at any one time.
  7. We charge an administration fee of £95 for each homestay that we arrange.


Other Types of Accommodation

Canterbury has other forms of accommodation. Our accommodation officer can also give you advice or help you if you need assistance.

Private Home Accommodation : Self-Catering, House or Flat Share

This is accommodation in a private home for adults. There may be less direct contact with the hosts. It is possible, also, to rent either a room, or a flat/house (together with other students) on a weekly or monthly basis. Generally, students get to choose where and with whom they live.

Hostels and Bedsits

You might prefer a room in a hostel or bedsit. These can be single rooms or shared rooms where amenities can be shared with other people. This varies from property to property. It is a great way to make new friends from all around the world. However, if you intend to study for a longer period of time, there may be less availability.


Canterbury has a wide selection of hotel and bed & breakfast (B&B) accommodation to suit all budgets.

Additional Costs to Consider

If homestay is not your first choice, and you choose one of the above options, please consider some things before committing yourself.

The landlord of a bedsit or flat will require you to sign a lease for many months.  If, after you have moved in and you don’t like the accommodation, you will not be able to move out unless you pay the balance of the rent owing.  Also, you will be required to pay an additional deposit (bond) that is held in a special bank account and is refunded only at the end of the tenancy, less any damage costs or arrears of rent.

Electricity /Gas/Water/Wifi

In addition to rent, you may be required to pay for the gas, electricity, water and wifi on a monthly basis.  Some landlords include these expenses in the rent, or you may have to share these bills with other tenants in the property.  You need to be aware that if the other tenants get into arrears, then you can become responsible for the whole bill.

Also, you will be responsible for your own cooking, buying food, and washing. If you live alone, you will also need to consider that you might be isolated from contact with other native speakers of English.

Local Taxes

In some cases, you might be required to pay the Local Council Tax.  You can check with the Letting agency for details, but, it is something you need to be aware of before you sign a lease.

Whatever style of accommodation you choose, feel free to speak to our Accommodation Officer first.