What is a closed group?

A closed group refers to a private group of students.  Usually, they will come from the same organisation or agent to do a specific programme that has been agreed.  All students will arrive and start the programme at the same time, and finish  and depart at the same time.

WISE English Closed Groups
WISE English Closed Groups

Why closed groups?

A company may wish to send a group of its employees to learn English for a specific purpose. For example, a school may want to send some of its teachers to do a short teacher training programme.

  • Closed groups can send group leaders to look after the participants.
  • WISE English can design programmes to include topics that the company wants.
  • Programmes can be as long or as short as required.
  • Specialisations include business and management subjects, leadership and team-building.
  • We can include other activities such as:
    • sports (e.g. golf, football, horseriding, etc.)
    • leisure (e.g. cooking, gardens, theatre, etc.)
    • history (e.g. historical sites, antiques, etc.)
    • arts (e.g. painting, music, etc.)
  • Qualified instructors in each discipline will be available.


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