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One to One 2016 – Frieda (Belgium) with Hendrik (EFL Teacher)

Congratulations – Sofia (Spain) – One to One 2016

English for Conversation & Pronunciation – WISE English

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PRICE  2018 – 2019
Registration Fee: £ 100 per person
One to One


less than 10 hours

10 hours

15 hours

£45 per hour

£350 (£35 per hour)

£525 (£35 per hour)


Small Group 

*Closed Group
2 – 5 people


10 hours

15 hours

20 hours


£180 / week

£270 / week

£360 / week       

(£18 per hour)

  • Closed Group =  If you come together with one friend or more.

Our Conversation English Language courses can help you to improve your communication skills and speaking confidence. Ask and answer questions, have a conversation and use English well in everyday situations. We will teach you using different techniques and materials such as role-playing, simulations, and lots of practice.

Many beginner students to pre-intermediate students are quite capable of expressing their ideas reasonably well. However, they often run into problems when asking questions. This course is great for students who want to learn English for the first time. Lessons are fun, interesting, and we try to use what you know to help you learn faster.

Come learn English with our helpful, friendly and experienced teachers.

This are some of the things you will learn

  • How to practice simple conversational techniques that will give you confidence when meeting and greeting people using the everyday English language in different situations.
  • How to introduce yourself, ask for things and share personal information.
  • New vocabulary on topics such as jobs, news and what in social media.
  • Useful grammar, including the present and past simple, prepositions and possessive adjectives.
  • How to ask for clarification, pronounce words clearly and listen to understand.
  • You will reviewing basic auxiliary verbs, main verbs, adjectives and open questions.


Who Should Do This Course?

  • We accept all levels – from Beginners to Advanced Speakers
  • Anyone who is interested to learn or improve their English

What You Will Get

  • All course materials**
  • Lessons are designed around what you want to learn

**If you wish to study for longer than one month, we may recommend that you buy a textbook (between £20 to £40).

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