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       PRICE       (pay for the lessons you need)  1:1
Registration Fee: £ 100 per person 2018 – 2019


1 hour £50

Small Group

*Closed Group
2 – 5 people

 1 hour  £28 per person

In this course, you will be learning Business English phrases and terminology together with General English lessons. This means that the language that is used in the business industry will become clear for you to add to your English vocabulary.

Our English Language courses aim to rapidly improve your communication skills in everyday situations, with an emphasis on speaking skills. Instead of just relying on published textbooks, we use a variety of additional materials including role-plays, authentic materials, magazines and newspapers, videos and DVDs.

The One-to-One English course learning programme focuses on your needs. One-to-one teaching is the most effective and efficient way to learn. With this method, you can make fast progress in a short time.


Who Should Do This Course?

  • We accept all levels – from Beginners to Advanced Speakers
  • Business people, or people who want to work in business

What You Will Get

  • All course materials*
  • One-to-one private lessons – you can suggest what you want to learn as well

*If you wish to study for longer than one month, we may recommend that you buy a textbook (between £20 to £40).


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